Sniper Ghost Warrior Intro Upside Down – Issue resolved using FFmpeg.

Sniper Ghost warrior intro upside down

If you have installed Sniper Ghost warrior on PC and launched the game, you most probably have seen the intro cinematic video appears in black and white color and also upside down. However, the menu and game play work just fine.  In this tutorial I’ll give a solution on how to fix this issue in Windows Operating System using the Ffmpeg.exe file and command prompt.

FFmpeg is a multimedia framework used to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play almost anything created by humans and machines. It is also highly portable across Linux, macOS and Microsoft Windows.

When the videos in the Sniper Ghost Warrior game are played separately using media players like WM player, VLC media player, Windows Media Player and others, they play very well but when launched within the game, they appear black and white and inverted. This is where the Ffmpeg.exe file comes in so that the videos can be decoded into a format better suited for the game.

First you need to download the Ffmpeg.exe file. The downloaded folder may contain other files but only the ffmpeg.exe file is needed

Navigate to the path where the game was installed and locate the Movies folder, that is, ..\Sniper Ghost Warrior\Game\Data\Menu\Movies  and copy and paste the Ffmpeg.exe file into the Movies folder.

  1. Open Command Prompt and using the cd command, navigate to the Movies folder. In my case I installed the game on drive D so the basic commands to go to the required directory is as shown below.
command prompt ffmpeg commands
  •  The md New command will create an empty folder called New in the directory
  • Then use the command for %i in (*.wmv) do ffmpeg -i “%i” -b:a 485k -q:v 0 “./New/%~ni.wmv” to process all the wmv files in Movies folder using FFmpeg and store the output in the New folder.

Processing of the wmv files takes some time and the command prompt window will appear as shown below.

command prompt processing wmv files

After the wmv files have been all been processed and stored in the New folder, use the md Old command to create another empty folder called Old in the Movies folder.

Command prompt create Old folder

You can then close the Command prompt by typing exit command. When you check the Movies folder now you should see the New and Old folders with the New folder containing wmv files that were processed earlier.  

Sniper Ghost Warrior Movies folder containing New and Old folder
  • Copy and paste all existing original wmv files in Movies folder to the Old folder.
  • Finally copy and paste all wmv files in New folder back to Movies folder and overwrite the existing original files.
Sniper Ghost Warrior overwriting files in Movies folder

You can now launch Sniper Ghost Warrior game and hope this will resolve the issue of inverted opening cinematic video so that you can enjoy your gaming experience.